Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Q: How big an area do I need?
A: The track will fit in an area 15m x 11m, which is equivalent to half a tennis court or basketball court.

Q: How fast do the Go Karts go?
A: Their top speed is 6km/h. That's about the same as a brisk walk. We can adjust the speed for the age and skill level of the kids.

Q: My backyard isn't big enough but I would really love to hold a Go Kart Party. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Sure, if you don't have the space, there are halls and reserves in every area that can be hired at a minimal cost, or even free to the public. Please feel free to call us for suggestions in your area. Parks and reserves are booked through your local council. Other venues we have used besides parks include:

Inner West: Drummoyne Scout Hall, Gladstone Park Bowling Club, Leichhardt Bowling Club
Eastern Suburbs: Bondi Pavilion, Coogee Scout Hall, Kimberley Reserve Vaucluse, Cooper Park Hall (outside), The Basketball Factory Alexandria (indoors)
Northern Beaches: Curl Curl Youth and Community Centre, Forestville Youth Centre
Northern Suburbs: St Ives Community Hall, West Lindfield Community Centre, West Pymble Community Centre, Narremburn Park basketball courts
North West: Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope Gardens, Bernie Mullane Sports Centre Kellyville, Cherrybrook Community Hall, Hills Sports Centre Seven Hills, West Pennant Hills Valley Community Centre
West: Penrith YMCA sports centre, Quakers Hill Park
South West: Wattle Grove Community Hall (carpark), Michael Wenden Leisure Centre Miller, Bringelly Community Centre
Southern Suburbs: Hurstville Aquatic Sports Centre, Robyn Webster Sports Centre Tempe, Smith Reserve Bexley, Miranda Youth Centre

Q: What happens if it rains on the day of the party??
A: If rain causes your Go Kart party to be cancelled on the day, (and you let us know before we leave home) we are always happy to work out another date with you or refund your deposit. The Go Karts and track are OK to operate in light rain, and the kids don't mind, so don't stress out too much!

Q: How many kids should I invite?
A: A 1.5 hour booking is suitable for anything from 4 to 30 kids. 2.5 hours suits 30-60 kids. As there are four karts with four minute turns, there are as many turns as there are minutes.

Q: Do you cater for vacation care, school fetes, sports clubs or corporate Christmas parties?
A: Yes! We will happily cater for any function or party where there will be children.

Q: How well does it suit various age groups?
A: Under 3 cannot ride, as they are unable to push the pedal and lack the coordination.
3 and 4 year olds can usually drive themselves after a bit of coaching. We ride around with them and help them steer until they get the hang of it.
5 to 7 year olds can drive by themselves straight away. This age group has a great time and are generally very careful drivers.
8 to 10 year olds get much more competitive. They still have excellent fun racing against their friends, even though the driving is not difficult for them to master.
If there are 11 and 12 year olds at the party or school event, we will usually let them have a go too. But we don't do parties specifically for kids over 10 as they are getting too heavy.
Teenagers and adults are not able to ride.

Q: Are there any particular clothing requirements?
A: No, whatever the kids are wearing is fine. For the sake of modesty, it is recommended for girls to wear pants rather than skirts considering the sitting posture in the go karts.

Q: There is only a narrow space down the side of our house, leading to our backyard. Will you still be able to set up the Go Karts in my backyard?
A: Provided that there is at least a 1m gap down the side of your property, we will be able to set up in your backyard.

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